Dan Illescas

Technical Director

As StoryBuilt’s Technical Director, Dan provides guidance and oversight to our Design Team, ensuring that projects are instilled with the needed consistency, constructability, and conformance. Dan brought his unique detail-focused and design-forward skills to the StoryBuilt construction team beginning in 2013. Over the following 8 years, he led and supported the construction team by managing all aspects of the construction teams in Austin, including Land Development, Single Family Production, Purchasing, and Warranty. His extensive experience coupled with his deeply ingrained StoryBuilt ethos drive him to champion quality and consistency across all development projects at StoryBuilt.

Dan spent over 10 years in Los Angeles building and remodeling equal parts technical and bespoke high-end boutique projects for T.H. O’Connor Construction, working with top Architects in the region and Development groups like CIM and SBE.